International plant growing congress

Як вижити агробізнесу в умовах кризи

Thursday, November 14, 2024

Uman city

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About congress

About 400 participants, more than 20 speakers-practitioners, 2 megaproductive sections, lively dialogue with the authorities - this is International plant growing congress "TOP CROPS".

On November 2024, during the International plant growing congress “TOP CROPS”, more participants, even more practical experience, a professional event's program will be waiting for you.

Location: Uman.

The main goal: to share real business experience and the experience of growing basic crops effectively from successful farms in different regions.

Audience: more than 400 representatives of agricultural industry: owners, managers, agronomists, commercial companies, independent experts.

Concept: 2 thematic sections in the format of round tables, discussion rounds - exchange of practical experience, dialogue with the hall, meaningful advice from commercial companies and industry experts.

Speakers: leading farm practitioners, industry experts, highly specialized experts from commercial companies.

See you on November at the International plant growing congress “TOP CROPS”.

Participants' feedback
Taras Vysotskyi
Deputy minister for development of economy, trade and agriculture of Ukraine
Having overviewed TOP CROPS's program and communicating with the participants, I understand that 95% success depends on you, on your work, knowledge and efforts. Of course, there is another part that is called political, but that is not exactly what will be hampered. I clearly understand that all those achievements that are in the agricultural sector are due to your hard work and participation in such events.

Everyone can learn and overcome everything yourself, but it takes years. And you can work together for synergy, participate in such events, join associations, share information and accelerate your development time.

Thank you UAC for the organization, for being such a driver of technology development and experience sharing
Denys Marchuk
Deputy chairman of UAC
We gathered to discuss, consult, make decisions, and most importantly, share experiences. We prove to the world that the agrarian sector of Ukraine today is really the engine of the economy. Today, we worked in three sections and discussed the most pressing issues: where to get seeds, fertilizers, which vision of land reform agrarians have and where to look for reserves of economic efficiency.

We have gathered about 500 farmers who came to talk in an informal setting and discuss plans for the next season.
Volodymyr Mirnenko
Brand manager of Pöttinger LLC
About 25 thousand enterprises are engaged in plant growing in Ukraine, and each of them learns from their own experience. The format in which you can gather specialists, share your own experience and achievements is very important. We have a lot to achieve, even in such classic crops as corn, winter wheat, sunflower, but to do this we need to follow global trends, share experiences, implement it in Ukraine and improve ourselves every year. Such events like TOP CROPS that give this opportunity and I am glad that the organizers have decided to develop the field of plant growing.
Anatolii Yaremchuk
APC "Kolos", Vinnytsia region
Everything is organized to the highest standard. We went here to get new knowledge and acquaintances, to establish communication with colleagues - everything have been done. An agronomist from our farm has learned interesting information on fertilizer application and plant protection products, we will practice. The engineer noted the technical section and also learned a lot. Personally, as a leader, I would like to hear the opinion of my colleagues and MPs both on the land market and on taxation. Everyone was satisfied.
Valenko Dmytro
PRAE "Mazharka", Kharkiv region
We supported the idea of holding such a congress on plant growing, and gladly came to study, looked a little in agronomy , learned about various new technologies, and also visited the engineering section. We are engaged in animal husbandry and grow some crops, so all the information was useful to us.
Izbinskyi Ivan
LLC "Novi Agrarni Tekhnolohii", Khmelnytsky region
I came from Khmelnytskyi region to hear something interesting for myself, to gain experience, to listen to my colleagues and specialists. In the discussion you can learn not only about the latest developments in technologies, but also find common solutions to topical issues that concern the entire sector. Today, I have two goals in mind: to meet friends and colleagues and to listen to thoughts about our agrarian future - the land market, taxation and government support. I fulfilled all my goals and had fun.
Leonid Tsentylo
Agrifirm "Kolos", Kyiv region
The best thing about such events is the communication with people. Feeling the mood of colleagues, understanding the needs, sharing the experience is what farmers here are all for.

Today, I am a speaker within two sections, presenting our own developments in soil tillage technology. We will share our experience with others and listen to what our colleagues have to offer. Communication among like-minded people is the best thing that gives such events.
Serhiienko Oleksii
Independent expert of “Art Fields”
We came to listen to the needs of our farmers, to get new fresh information "from the fields". Today there are the best specialists and specialists who are able to give Ukrainian farmers such information so that they can not only get high yields, but also profit.

Such events are an opportunity to meet new people, to communicate, to exchange thoughts.
Tetora Petro
Agricultural LLC "Svitlana", Cherkasy region
We wanted to hear something new for ourselves, to get acquainted with the novelties in the field of plant protection, mechanization, seed production, so we came here today. It is a pleasure for us to communicate with like-minded, colleagues, to exchange views. In such difficult circumstances in that we are now, we need to unite.
Khvostov Volodymyr
LLC "TD" Dolynske", Kherson region
I came to meet colleagues-agrarians, like-minded people, discuss plans for the future and, of course, share my own experience, the economy of our enterprise - today I am a speaker at a panel discussion. We would also like to hear the representatives of the authorities, to understand their vision of the land reform and the way we will move on, as well as to listen to the specialists who speak in engineering and agronomy.
Pohorilyi Volodymyr
LLC "Yeremiievske-2", Odesa region
We always have to learn, so we are here today. The most important question that interests all farmers today is the land, they came to hear the opinions of MPs and politicians on this, in order to understand what awaits us in the future.
Maliienko Mykola
Agricultural LLC "Peremoha", Kyiv region
Any event is an opportunity to hear something new and use it in our work, so we could not miss this opportunity. In addition to new knowledge and approaches, it was also possible to communicate with colleagues from other regions, who are seen not often, to make new professional acquaintances.
Ohorodnik Serhii
AEP LLC "Vasylkivske", Vinnytsia region
I am the first time visiting such events and it is a pleasant experience, everything is well planned and organized, so emotions are overflowing me. I wanted to hear something new for myself, to look at the experience of other farmers and farms - everything worked. We especially expected to meet with the deputies, because the issue of the land market worries us all. We want to know their opinion.
Koshova Kseniia
PFE "Kashtan", Lugansk region
Our company is a member of Ukrainian Agri Council and we always support the ideas of the association, this congress is no the exception. We are interested in talking to colleagues, hearing something new, to adopt their experience. It is very good that such events are happened because people need to be united for communication.
Khachaturian Oleksandr
LLC "Raliivka", Odesa region
Science is constantly evolving and those farms that will not improve their professional level, will not receive any new information, will not be able to develop. Any information we already know about such events is refreshed in our memory, and given the experience of our colleagues, their achievements and successes we will learn something new. This is always helpful. Separately, I would like to note the organization of the event, quite professional speakers who are interesting to listen to.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How to become a partner?

You can fill out the application form on the TOP CROPS's website in the “Become a Partner” section. You can also become a partner by contacting TOP CROPS's manager at +38 (067) 503-84-38.

What is included in the ticket price?

The cost of the ticket includes participation in the congress (three sections), speaker presentations, lunch, coffee breaks, entertainment program etc.

How to buy a ticket to the congress?

You can buy tickets on the TOP CROPS's website in the “Become a Visitor” section. You can also purchase a ticket by contacting TOP CROPS's manager at +38 (067) 470-55-63.

How to get to the venue?

The venue of “TOP СROPS” is the city of Kyiv. You can call a taxi using Uber or Uklon apps.

Who organizes the congress?

The organizers of International plant growing congress “TOP CROPS” are Public union “Ukrainian Agrarian Council” and agro-consulting company “DYKUN”